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By simply extending your house, you do not have to deal with an erratic property market. At the same time, you are not compelled to negotiate a mortgage thereby increasing your chances to get mired in debt. Homeowners are afforded the flexibility of rear extension, side extension, expanding upwards or downwards by transforming the basement into another room. The end result is a newer and bigger space that fits your needs minus the downsides of relocating to another house.

Kitchen Extensions

The kitchen extension is another viable form of sprucing up your home. It also increases the space for food preparation. Explore the possibilities and ideas such as building a kitchen island, additional counter-tops or having more cabinets with minimal budget. It can be a rear kitchen extension from the back portion of the house with a flat roof or pitched roof.

Recent home extensions

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With Lourdes Developments , the homeowner is assured not only of extra space but also of having more control during the design phase. If you move to another home, the layout and building would have been finished. Additional changes will mean more expenses and inconvenience. 

By simply extending, you have the prerogative to determine the overall floor area and dimensions as well as shape of each room. You can also select finishes and accessories like floors, tiles, paint color, sanitary ware, and kitchen fixtures. 

For example, the small bedroom can be increased in dimension by enlarging the room into the new space.

The Process

1. Initial discussion and ballpark estimate.

2. Free, honest, and detailed consultation at your home.

3. Detailed quote with full specification.

4. Architectural Service including site survey and full planning process.

5. Structural drawings and calculations.

6. Professional Project management, real Person-to-Person Service.

7. Construction Phase.

8. Additional work like kitchens, bathrooms etc.

9. Completion and Aftercare.

10. Guarantee.

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