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Lourdes Garden Rooms specialise in Bespoke Garden Gyms

Garden gyms, or garden fitness studios, present an ideal option for homeowners seeking to integrate a functional and modern fitness area into their homes. Lourdes Garden Rooms is adept at constructing these specialised workout spaces, incorporating the following features in every garden gym project:

  • Foundations: We use a ground screw to a minimum depth of 1250mm. 
  • Timber Construction: Our garden annexes are built with structural grade timber, ensuring strength and longevity.
  • EPDM Rubber Roofs: For maximum durability and weather resistance, we use EPDM rubber roofing.
  • Insulation: Full insulation is provided, making the garden annex comfortable and energy-efficient all year round.
  • Windows and Doors: Choose from high-quality aluminium bifolds or UPVC windows and doors for aesthetics and insulation.
  • Plumbing and Electrics: Essential services are included, making the space fully functional for any purpose.
  • Interior Finish: Each annex has a plastered finish throughout, offering a sleek and customisable interior.
  • Flooring: A variety of flooring options are available to suit different preferences and needs.

Lourdes Garden Rooms manages every detail of the necessary planning permissions and building regulations, providing a smooth and straightforward process for our customers. This service ensures that the addition of a garden gym is a seamless and gratifying venture, enabling homeowners to conveniently enhance their property with a dedicated fitness space.


We build beautiful garden gyms to order from £7,200!

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